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Those udders look stretched good and tight for him, hope he gave them a few slaps as well for being naughty.

Someone ask me when was the pic taken this was about 10 min. Into my punishment, as you can see they are blue already, he knew what he was doing, I never beg him again he told me another 5min. Could destroy my nipples because no fluids getting to them, when he took the ropes and clamps off It was so painful all the fluids rushing back, took about two days to get feeling back in nipples. No I don't want to ever do anything wrong again, that was the most painful time I ever had to take, if yo look at the clamps no adjustment full tension, flattened my nipples. He said 15 min. But one time I beg for him to stop so he added 5 more min. Very painful and unexpected, As you can see I still had my dress on .I walk in the house hubby told me he knew what happened and took my in the back room. He pulled my top down and tied me and the rest you can see. Yes it did every time I beg for forgiveness he would tighten the ropes behind me pulling away from the clamps on my nipples. Yes strong message, and no kissing on them, all I got was a day on the sofa with warm towels on my nipples and tits all day.